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Lawson Kelly.... It was said once when a bartender was asked "what kind of music do these guys play?" His answer.... "I don't know how to describe it... but you'll like it" .....And he was right! 


Maple Bay circa 2012…. Lawson Kelly began carving out the sound that they would eventually be recognized for. All outlaw, old time bluegrass, upbeat celtic, without ever leaving the west coast. Its sure to keep a party moving. Both Levi and John are influenced by a diverse stream of musical backgrounds, taste and experiments, which is evident in their live performances. Longtime friend Jeff was imported from Nelson and added on bass and vocals in 2019. You can expect a lively entertaining set condensing a wide variety of genres, and musical era’s into well known covers and original music.

During the evening Levi, John & Jeff ran through over a dozen original songs and covers preparing for the Song and Surf music festival in Port Renfrew. (For more on Song & Surf checkout the Mini Doc we produced here) What was intended to just be a rehearsal quick escalated to epic night on music, beers and few quick videos.  Checkout out Lawson Kelly's impromptu Live off the Floor record and the tasty videos.  For more info on Lawson Kelly check them out on Apple Music or Spotify or at


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